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Mar 5, 2012 8:00am PST
a twister moments before it ravaged henryville, indiana. one of the victims there, baby angel died on sunday despite hopes they would see this baby girl survive. earlier on "the today show," her neighbor spoke about the devastating loss. >> knowing all five of them didn't make it and i'm the only one that did is really hard on me. i feel some sense of guilt for bringing them into my house and then they died from there. but at the same time, i think trar trailer would not have been safer. it also disappeared. i just can't believe the rest of them didn't make it. it's sad to hear the whole family passed away and i was holding their hands two seconds before they died. >> just heartbreaking. 39 died in the storms. the death toll stretches across five states. 21 in kentucky. 13 in indiana. three in ohio. one each in alabama and georgia. and today snow is adding insult to injury. while it's only a couple inches, the weight of it is the last thing people living there need. just take a look at what it looks like when weather like that breaks out. nbc is lucky to have experts to give us context on th
Mar 6, 2012 8:00am PST
. a harrowing story of survival. an indiana woman who used her body to shield her children from a twister and lost part of both of her legs. she described her ordeal earlier on the "today" show. >> everything started hitting my back, beams, pillars, furniture, everything was just slamming into my back. but i had my children in the blanket and i was on top of them. and i was reaching around holding them. and they are screaming, mommy, i can't live without you, i don't want to die, please don't let me die. and i said, you're not going to die, we're going to make it. i took my phone and i made a video to my husband telling him i love him. >> amazingly, stephanie survived. others, not so lucky. the storms killed 40 across five states. 22 victims in kentucky, 13 in indiana, three in ohio, one person in alabama and one in georgia. >>> on a completely different note this morning, there is a whole lot of money for 81-year-old louise white from rhode island. she came forward to claim the $336 million prize in the powerball jackpot. >> i'm very happy. and i'm very proud. and this will make my famil
Mar 2, 2012 8:00am PST
, illinois, southern indiana, kentucky, west tennessee, all the way into arkansas and mississippi, you haven't even gotten into this event yet. like april 27th of last year when we had the big outbreak of tornadoes, we had these preliminary events. wind squall lines early in the morning. a few tornadoes before the main event came in. so this is going to be a long afternoon. it's going to erupt very quickly really because it's really almost game time for the main event we think as we go through the next hour. we'll start to see some of these cells pop up in a hurry across parts of illinois. this is going to be a dangerous day. what we learn from april 27th is we may have tornadoes here that people need to be underground for. they need to be below ground level. my biggest concern are all these schools in tennessee and kentucky and alabama that are letting students out early. it's a tricky situation because, a, you don't want them out there in a bus going home with tornadoes on the ground. b, are they actually going to a safer structure. anyone in a mobile home today needs to have a plan to go
Mar 7, 2012 8:00am PST
hazards now. meantime an ohio woman found this wedding day photo of a couple she believes is from indiana. the photo landed in her backyard. during last week's storm. >>> so, after 14 years of record league -- record for league mvp awards, peyton manning is parting ways with the indianapolis colts, who's expected to release him today after an agonizing and a lengthy recovery from neck surgery. he was sidelined for the entire 20 11 season because of that surgery. this move is going to free up salary cap space for the colts while making manning arguably the most coveted free agent in nfl history. where will he go? >>> prince harry shows off his dance moves during a visit to kingston, jamaica. the prince was visiting children and volunteer workers for at-risk youth when he was invited to dance to a republican addition of bob marley's "one love." looking pretty good, right? this isn't the first time we've seen one of the royals in action. prince harry's dad, prince charleses, busting a move with teens in this video back in 1980. earlier prince harry challenged jamaican sprinter usain bolt to
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)